Monday, September 8, 2014

Superb Lyrebird + Rose Robin

The weather is about to change so I took the opportunity of a calm mild afternoon to check out Nangara reserve once again. I was really hoping to perhaps come across a couple of early summer migrants – Rufous Fantail, Black-faced Monarch, etc. No joy on that front.

At a particular intersection of two tracks I frequently hear the call of that iconic bush mimic, the Superb Lyrebird. I heard someone chopping wood at this location on one occasion and it took me a few moments to realize it was the bird. Today it wasn’t chopping wood but was giving a marvelous rendition of the Eastern Whipbird, Pied Currawong, White-faced Honeyeater and a few others all rolled into one. It’s a wonderful act.

I stuck my head into the scrub and immediately saw several fresh scratchings in the leaf litter and thought I’d give it a try for a half decent shot. I chose a suitable log to sit on, partly concealed by some foliage and waited quietly. The bird appeared briefly but wouldn’t give me a clear shot.

It began to circle me several times at a radius of something like 20 or 30 metres. I got numerous shots of heads without tails and tails without heads.

I gave up for a little while when a Rose Robin flew down to nearly my level but I didn’t do a lot better with the camera. When eventually I got the breast shot, the head was partly hidden!

Back to the mimic. I moved my location a little and eventually the bird co-operated.

The Lyrebird became quite accustomed to me sitting on the log and decided I wasn’t a threat and began turning over the leaf litter once more.

All in all it was a nice afternoon, but still I haven’t got a Rose Robin shot I’m happy with – hope I live long enough.


  1. What a great illustration of REAL bird watching.
    The last photo is a beauty. Love that backlit tail and the pose.

  2. Rose Robin males are beautiful little birds. I'd like a better image too. Lyrebirds are incredible to listen to.

  3. Well, better than any Lyrebird or Rose robin shots I have! Another site to add to the "I must visit this place" list. Keep up the good work!