Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Spotted in Nangara

The Forest Boronia is just beginning to flower and as quite often is the case, when the shrub is halfway between budding and flowering, the pink buds, pale pink/white flowers and green foliage present a delightful colour palette.

Labertouche, Jindivick and Bunyip State Park are well known localities for this lovely shrub and today I enjoyed coming across quite a patch of healthy specimens in the Nangara Reserve at Jindivick.

I also enjoyed discovering plenty of Tetratheca sp, (stenocarpa perhaps?), or Pink Bells. This attractive slender shrub is a real eyecatcher.

Apparently Tetratheca seeds are principally dispersed by ants, a process termed myrmecochory. Not a high proportion of plants have such an association with ants, but the majority of species that do are found in Australia.

A cuppa back at the ute was interrupted by some more spots …

The Spotted Pardalotes must have a nest burrow somewhere near the gate to the reserve. Even after letting my cuppa get cold, I couldn’t find anything, but there was plenty of activity as individual birds came and went in rapid succession.

Yet another couple of images of a delightful bush bird to somehow squeeze in to the ‘Pardalote JPEG’ folder.

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