Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Pig In A ....

.... Reserve!

A week or so back I visited Wuchatsch Reserve, (‘wook-atch’?), a small public reserve near Nyora that is under a Trust for Nature covenant. It is certainly an interesting bit of habitat and the day I visited provided me with an interesting experience.

Being my first visit, a dull day and a bit late in the afternoon, I opted for mostly an explorative wander to assess the value of returning and being a bit more serious at a later date – and I will.

The reserve is nearly surrounded by private properties, many being the ubiquitous ‘hobby farm’. On one particular trail, a bit euphemistically called Seaview Track, I paused to check out my first bit of Pink Bells, (Tetratheka sp), for the season.

I heard some noises from the understory that I didn’t recognize as a wallaby, wombat, etc, so just stood still to the side of the track and waited for two of these to emerge ….

Yep, the sign says to pick up after your dog but doesn’t mention what to do with pig poop! Natural bulldozers that pigs are, you can imagine the mess they were leaving behind.

My bush ambles nearly always turn up something interesting but this one was a first.

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  1. If that was the worst mess it left behind the reserve is very lucky. Presumably an escapee from one of the hobby farms, and hopefully the animal will have been turned into bacon by now.