Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some More 'Top End' Finches ...

… this time from Jack.

Jack is a ‘Heyfield Birdo’ who at present is somewhere in the Northern Territory. Early today he had the temerity to send me a few shots of some finches he’d seen, “… knowing your fascination with finches …”.

His report …
"I took all of these within 20 minutes yesterday morning, just north of
Katherine by a pool in a tiny, nameless creek about 20 metres from the
car. Other species seen included ...

Crimson Finch, Double-barred Finch, Gouldian Finch black and red morph and
tens of juveniles, probably 100 in total, Long-tailed Finch red-billed
form (hecki), Banded Honeyeater, White-throated Honeyeater, Restless
Flycatcher, Blue-faced Honeyeater, Hooded Parrot, Silver-crowned
Friarbird, Red-rumped Parrot, Little Friarbird, Peaceful Dove, Masked
Finch, Rainbow Bee-eater. Yesterday we saw Striated Pardalote,
Yellow-tinted Honeyeater, White-winged Triller, Brown Honeyeater.

We got there about 7am and the birds came in about 7.30 and stayed for at
least 45 minutes. Just magic."
Crimson Finch - like to nest in the pandanus and cane grass.

Masked Finch - builds a grass nest at ground level.

Double-barred Finch or 'Owl Face' - nomadic but nearly always near water.

Gouldian Finch, (Red Headed) - 75% blacks, 25% reds, some rare yellows.

Long-tailed Finch - very sociable species.

Gouldian, (Black Head) - hollow nester.

Just magic indeed Jack, BTW, what’s the temperature like – NO, don’t tell me!


  1. It does make one want to head north, doesn't it?!!!

  2. Your blog's namesake finch is a very beautiful bird.

    A top notch location by the sounds of it - amazing to have Gouldian Finches mingling with Hooded Parrots, 'Top End' honeyeaters and more!