Wednesday, August 20, 2014

McNeilly Park Wetlands ...

… are located in Jacksons View estate on the northern outskirts of Drouin, between the town and the freeway.

This award winning wetland landscape design is beginning to come of age. I’ve only just discovered this delightful spot only 2km from home. For my second walk around the tracks and trails today, I took the camera.

Like most wetlands the usual suite of waterbirds were in residence – Wood Ducks, Chestnut Teal, Purple Swamphens, Eurasian Coots, Australasian Grebes, etc.

The pathways and boardwalks are well constructed and wide. Plenty of room for passing and overtaking. At the northern end a well set up playground will, I feel certain, be much appreciated by the grandchildren on their next visit to pop and nans!

Thinking the locality a bit too closely settled, I was a bit surprised to come across a pair of Richard’s Pipits.

A small flock of Tree Martins were collecting nest material from the side of the pathways and disappearing into the distance. I didn’t quite have time to track down their favoured tree, suffice to say there are several remnant large old eucs with ideal hollows. The half dozen mature trees remaining are I believe the endangered Strzelecki Gum.

I spotted a Black-shouldered Kite fly into one of the gums in the distance and was surprised to see it disappear into the foliage rather than sit on an exposed branch to better scan the ground for prey. I worked my way closer and eventually found the reason.

All good stuff except … perhaps the dominant bird species was the Common/Indian Mynah. I wonder would Baw Baw Shire be amenable to a trapping program?

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  1. You can only try with the Myna program! It looks a pleasant place to walk.