Monday, July 28, 2014

Two of Cannibal's Carnivores

I couldn’t resist the fine and sunny, if windy day today and headed west to Mt Cannibal again. With a cool north-westerly blowing, I meandered ‘off-track’ on the more protected south-eastern face. Not a lot on offer but I reckon spring will bring this reserve into its own.

My first discovery was yet another unknown, (to me), fungus. The colour was striking.
I think this might be Cortinarius austroviolaceus?
There was plenty of Mosquito Orchid leaf but not much else that I could recognize. However the reserve is very attractive and the views from the summit for nearly 360 degrees is well worth the climb.

The granite boulders on the top are excellent habitat for mosses, lichens and ferns and scattered throughout are colonies of those wonderful plants that lure, capture and devour insects – the Sundews. I found two varieties and there’s no guarantee I’ve got their names right.
Drosera auriclata?
Drosera aberans #1?
Drosera aberans #2?
Drosera aberans #3

Australia has about 65 native species of Sundews. Oh dear - birds, trees, wildflowers, orchids, insects, mammals, reptiles, fungi, mosses, … – don’t think I’m going to live long enough.

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  1. It is a problem - the shortness of life! I didn't realise we had that many species of Sundew so will try to look more carefully in future.