Sunday, July 13, 2014

Lawson Falls

Lawson Creek and its falls are situated in the eastern end of Bunyip State Park.

They are easy to access by parking right beside the track on Forest Rd from where the walk down is only several hundred metres, or by starting from the picnic ground at the intersection of Forest Rd and Tea Tree Rd and taking the 5km circuit up and back. On Friday I opted for the latter.

Beautiful despite the steady incline!
 The track goes up beside the creek and passes through some beautiful cool temperate wet forest, abundant with ferns, mosses and fungi.
Mosses galore.
I think this is Bjerkandera adusta, (Smoky Bracket)?
Witches Butter- Exidia glandulosa, (perhaps?)
 The creek is invisible all the way, except at the falls, but it can be heard gurgling along through the dense understory. After a couple of kilometers of steady but mostly gentle climbing, the din of the falls begins to dominate and suddenly they appear through the tree ferns and undergrowth.
The falls
 Time to stand and contemplate the peace and beauty and to experiment with some time exposure and delay settings on the camera.
Some perspective - not large but attractive
The walk back down via the road was easy. The clearing at the picnic ground allowed some sunshine through and the billy was quickly boiled!

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