Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Further Fungi Photos, (Ha!)

Edward Hunter Bushland Reserve at Moe is easy to access and contains a diverse range of flora and fauna species. The 58 hectare reserve contains some excellent examples of remnant lowland forest and fern swampland. The management committee conducts an excellent on-line blog.

Although I had to contend with pushbike riders, (school holidays!), dog walkers, duck and GEESE FEEDERS, I spent a few pleasant hours there yesterday. 

Plenty of well formed tracks, bridges and boardwalks.
The water body is great habitat for a variety of water birds.
 I feel the birds are beginning to come alive again in my patch. It has been very bird-quiet the last month or two. I’m sure they’re there – somewhere. Perhaps the slowly increasing amount of daylight has triggered a little more activity, as yesterday my tick list included Golden Whistlers, White-throated Treecreepers, Varied Sittellas, Grey Shrike-thrushes, Blue Wrens, etc and numerous LBJs flitting through the more dense patches of foliage.

However, it was once again the fungi that mostly caught my eye.
Flame Fungus - Clavaria miniata?
Bald head fungus? Mould on a fungus in a moss bed.
Troops(?) of Yellow Coral Fungi.
Yellow Coral Fungus - Clavaria amoena?
 The Edward Hunter Reserve is well known for its extensive beds of Scrambling Coral Fern, Gleichenia microphylla. This fern loves wet feet and sunshine on its fronds. The main stems of the plant form numerous branches and forks as it spreads out in a very attractive manner.
Scrambling Coral Fern - Gleichenia microphylla?
Scrambling Coral Fern showing the branching/forking habit.
 Mosses and lichens abound – so much to learn! Testament to the ability of mosses to adapt to almost any substrate is this healthy example growing on the top of a treated pine post.
Healthy moss species on a post.
Nice spot, I had a good time, albeit the sometimes noisy school kids on their holidays were a small distraction. I was probably more disturbed though by the adults feeding bread to the water birds!

(My Fungi album on Google Drive)

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  1. I DO like that lowest photo of the moss in the post. It looks like a good walk despite the distractions.