Monday, July 21, 2014

An Echidna Encounter

Some patches of sunlight this afternoon enticed me to put the camera in the ute and head for the Rokeby Rail Trail. Glad I had the gumboots in. Part of the first section must be used by the local 4WD enthusiasts to see if they can climb a particular muddy incline. Once through the barrier though conditions were a little easier.

Pretty quickly I found two or three fungi species of interest by just sticking to the track.
Earth Star Puffball
Troops of Mycena sp.
Toothed Jelly fungus - perhaps?
 After about a kilometer and a half I took a horse trail that headed up into some drier country.

This track climbed and meandered about and after a short while it was time to sit quietly for a bit on a mossy log. I was listening to a few birds close by when an Eastern Yellow Robin completely disregarded my presence and landed almost at my feet on a patch of recently disturbed ground.

The bird found a meal and took off. Another followed closely and did the same, then another.

Suddenly I saw some gentle movement in the earth by my feet and an Echidna emerged. We looked at each other for a bit then it continued bulldozing its way down the hill, followed by two or three enterprising yellow robins!

A not too unusual inter-specie connection I guess?

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