Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A Tale of Two Bills

Finally, a couple of bird shots – it’s been awhile! Like me, many birds seem mostly to be still in their winter torpor. It’s very bird-quiet in the bush around here.

All is not lost, but! On yet another fungi foray a day or two back, I was at ground level under some dense understorey in Bunyip State Park trying to get the camera to give me a sharp enough image of a mushroom in the dark, when a family of ‘little brown jobs’ came quietly dancing through. And they were quiet, even though they seemed to be a feeding party when normally I would expect them to be chittering and chattering excitedly.

Just Brown Thornbills was my first impression but their size and jizz got me thinking otherwise. Sans binoculars I waited patiently for them to sit still close enough to me for an ID. Ah-ha, that Large-billed Scrubwren again. Chance for a decent shot perhaps. Click-click- click, click-click-click, let me check the playback. Damn, how many times have I done that – forgot to reset the camera from macro?

I chased the birds up for a bit, getting mildly lost in the process, but could only manage some distant images again. Story of my retirement photography career – Missed Opportunities!

Back at the ute I boiled the billy and began to nourish the inner man and to drink in the peace of the place, when I heard the distinct mournful call of the Crested Shrike-tit from a nearby patch of bush. Checking the camera settings, (see, I’m a fast learner), I barged quietly in – bird people learn to barge quietly.

Bit more success this time. My camera does struggle in low light but a couple of shots turned out well enough to ID a very interesting bird.

A dull cold day was brightened by two lovely birds and I drove home replete.

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  1. How good to get the Crested Shrike-tit in the clear like that last shot.