Sunday, June 1, 2014

At Erica With LVFNC

At Erica yesterday, I met up with some members of the Latrobe Valley Field Naturalists Club and a couple of helpful Parks Victoria rangers, for a few hours with some fungi.

We set off from the Mt Erica Carpark and took the short Beech Gully Nature Walk. I was quickly overwhelmed with the range of plant and fungi species these people were ticking. What a repository of knowledge these groups have! Common and Latin names were flying through the air and I was frequently confused as to which plant or fungus was being referred to. Great day but!

I won’t use words to describe the day any further – here’s a set of pictures that don’t even go halfway to covering some of the species we saw….
Mountain Correa in flower in the carpark.

Mountain Pepper

A large bracket - Ganoderma sp?

Jelly - Tremella fuciformis?



Mountain Ash #1

Mountain Ash #2

Unidentified - Ghost fungus, ( Omphalotus sp?)


Lunch - I can identify some of these.

I hope to do a bird day with LVFNC also soon. Bet it will be just as exhilarating.


  1. Your last unidentified fungus is Antrodiella zonata.