Saturday, May 17, 2014

Pelican Poses, (Posers?)

A couple of Pelicans at Marlay Point yesterday were relatively accommodating as I approached with the camera. Large subjects, pretty well motionless, no obstructing leaves or branches to confuse the focusing technology of the camera, no shade, etc – I’d better not muck this up.

I’ve never been very successful at flight pictures. I think both me and my camera have slow reaction times. Again, Pelicans are good for this and in the past Marlay Point was the location as a couple of giant soaring ‘almost pre-historic aves’ let me get the odd acceptable flight image.

The birds yesterday were intent on getting in 40 winks between feeding forays. It was a calm mild day for the time of year and the birds were pointing into the sun presumably to capture as much of its warmth as they could. A wary eye was kept open.

As I took some shots I wondered at the fairly common technique amongst birds of resting their heads on their backs when the slept or rested. Relaxing their neck muscles? Conserving heat loss? Perhaps like me they just love a soft pillow!

This bird at the wetlands in Sale is even more accommodating and hardly ever moves!


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