Friday, May 30, 2014

Back To Some Birds

Guess where?

Central Australia? Nope!

West Australia? Nope!

Australian Garden at Cranbourne - on my way back from Grandparents day in Frankston – boy, have schools changed? If you weren’t motivated to go to school these days there’s something wrong. (Matts school has a veggie garden and seedling house, chook pen, kitchen, a magnificent hall, playground equipment galore, a mini wetland, small patch of natural bush, oval, library… and some classrooms even).

The dry creek bed and arid region gardens at Cranbourne are my two favourites. On such a beautiful day I just wandered slowly in out of the eremophilas, mint bushes, etc and waited for small birds to pop up.

First was a little White-browed Scrubwren feeding in the leaf litter.

This little Superb Fairy-wren ran across my foot as I was standing taking some shots of the ‘desert landscape’. It got quite a shock and hopped away rapidly looking over its shoulder!

I was a little surprised to come across an Eastern Yellow Robin too. I normally would expect them to stick to denser and perhaps wetter habitat.

The most prolific bird was the New Holland Honeyeater. They seemed to be in every euc that had some blossom or any flowering shrub no matter how small.

The birds are obliging here. They have wonderful habitat and despite the number of people wandering about they are quite happy to go about their business largely uninterrupted.

Some more pics of EYRobins here.

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