Thursday, May 1, 2014

A Brief Return

Today I returned to an old stamping ground; the Heyfield golf course. It was a brief visit but I was keen to catch up with some old friends, (and a couple of old golfers!).

I had barely stepped out of the ute and I could hear the contact call of the Golden Whistler. Although I was meant to do a small job, I shouldered the camera and went into the bush beside a couple of fairways where in the past a thoughtful greenkeeper had cleared some tracks between the trees and shrubs.

There was no one home at the Owlet Nightjar hollow, no greenhoods yet at the first site although plenty of leaves but the patch of Mosquito Orchids were up and strong.

 I paused for a bit at the first seat and tuned in to the familiar calls of Grey Fantails, Golden Whistlers, and Grey Shrike-thrush. The favourite still hadn’t appeared and I was about to move on when a fluttering wing sound alerted me to a small bird in the canopy. Eventually, down came a female Scarlet Robin and eye-balled me for a bit.

I wonder if she was the same one I used to see in the same spot nearly daily a year ago. I’d like to think so and I’d like to think she was as pleased to see me as I was to see her!

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  1. Gorgeous bird - I hope to see one myself someday. Those orchids are intriguing too!