Thursday, April 3, 2014

Rose Robin

With summer days just about on their last legs – surely – I took advantage of a warmish forecast and dropped into Nangara Reserve at Jindivick once more. Why not? It’s close to home and I seem to tick something new every other visit! I have to get out more.

Things were pretty quiet. I wasn’t in the mood for serious stalking anyway so I made my way to a favourite seat and drank in the solitude of the bush. After a short time I started tuning in to various happenings – the last of the dragonfly’s for the season snatching an insect on the wing then alighting nearby to devour it, blue wrens snapping up prey on the track, Lewin’s Honeyeater machine gun call in the distance, a Crimson Rosella eyeing me from a low branch on the side of the track….

Fully sated I ambled back to the ute at the gate and as often is the case this is where all the action started. Eastern Yellow Robins galore. I tried and tried to get one to perch on the ‘Nangara Reserve’ sign long enough for a photograph – no joy. More wrens, thornbills, etc, then in flew a couple of Rose Robins.

 I was lucky to have them drop down into some lower trees and shrubs as they more frequently inhabit the upper canopy. I’m not sure why they were here. Supposedly all Victorian birds go north at this time. Perhaps they are on their way – the Rufous Fantails have departed and I haven’t spotted the Black-faced Monarch again. Or, perhaps they have come down from the higher ranges to over-winter on the lower country. Whatever, I enjoyed their presence. Didn’t really do them justice with the camera but I don’t think they will mind.


  1. We were there on Saturday after a trip to see Jindavick market, with a little better planning on our part I'd have let you know we were heading down that way.

    It's a nice little reserve, we didn't see anything that exciting there but may have seen some of your long billed scrub wrens, a first for us if that's what it was too.

  2. Sorry I missed you both - one day!