Sunday, April 27, 2014

Rokeby Flora and Fauna Reserve

The old closed railway line from Warragul to Noojee, (some good historical pics here), provides excellent opportunities for local groups to set up walking trails, flora and fauna reserves, etc. One group very active in this regard it seems is the Rokeby and Crossover Friends Group.

Today I explored a small section of the Rokeby – Crossover Rail Trail at the Rokeby end – the Rokeby Flora and Fauna Reserve. There was some sunshine but late in the day the temperature wasn’t much above 12 degrees particularly in the deep shady parts of the track.

After moving out into one patch of sunlight however, I came across a Tiger Snake warming itself in the last rays of the day. I moved as slow as I could to get past without disturbing it but eventually it sensed me and slithered slowly into a nearby crack in the ground – sorry mate!

I don’t think the fungi season is quite in full swing here yet. A few attractive examples here and there but considering the habitat I feel the quantity and variety is a bit light on. We’ll see what happens as the temperature drops.

The birds were quiet too. Certainly not a lot of bird song – of course it is completely out of season for many species. However, despite the deep, deep shade I couldn’t resist raising the camera for this very common Eastern Yellow Robin.

My EYRobin jpg file is overflowing!

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  1. So beautiful! I love your photos and descriptions! Wish I could have joined you.