Saturday, April 12, 2014

Parson's Bands

The common and tiny Parson’s Bands Orchid is one of the first terrestrial orchids to appear in Autumn/Winter.

I got a ‘heads up’ on their appearance in some bush near Labertouche recently and I didn’t need my arm twisted to try and find the location – an old quarry site, (thanks Shirley).

I have ticked this little orchid before, but I don’t recall seeing it in good numbers at one site as was the case this time. In one patch there were at least twenty individual plants.

To top off a good mornings work I managed to have a couple of favourite bush birds visit while I was grovelling on the ground, an Eastern Spinebill …

… and a Scarlet Robin.

Luckily there were sufficient periods of sunshine between the clouds and showers to get some satisfactory shots.

And from where does Eriochilus cucullatus get its common name? You might like to explore this link.


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  1. Beautiful Orchids and the bird photos are lovely also. You are very lucky to see the orchids. I as amazed at how tiny they are! Great photos also.