Friday, February 28, 2014

Nangara Gold

One of the first discoveries I have made near to my new domicile is Nangara Reserve at Jindivick. I figure I might spend some time here - Rufous Fantails, Lewin's Honeyeaters, Red-browed Treecreepers, etc, and one of my favourite bush birds the Eastern Yellow Robin.

 The charming nature of this bird makes it always a pleasure to come across. When a small colony approached through the trees, it was just a matter of sitting still with the camera ready.

Once one bird discovered me, others became more and more brave at approaching me for a better look - for me and the bird!

Now, I wonder can I get those Rufous Fantails to sit still long enough for the camera to grab focus.



  1. It's going to be interesting as you discover new places around your new home, and maybe I'll be able to visit some of them. It is always lovely to be in the company of Yellow Robins, and good luck with Rufous Fantails!

  2. Gorgeous photos. Yellow Robins are one of my favourites too - they always seem to know the most peaceful and serene place in any forest or woodland, and I always make sure to linger wherever I see them. Good for the soul! :)

  3. I think many share your feelings for this confiding and endearing Robin. I have many photos of the E Yellow Robin and yet still find it hard to resist another shot every time an inquisitive bird perches close by. It must be nearly time for the Rufous FT's to head back north so you might have to wait until next season test your birding skills against this elusive species.
    Good luck, Avithera

  4. they are such a beautiful little bird and these photos are wonderful! I don't think I have ever managed a very clear photo of one - well done getting it to keep still! Good luck with the fantails!