Friday, February 28, 2014

Nangara Gold

One of the first discoveries I have made near to my new domicile is Nangara Reserve at Jindivick. I figure I might spend some time here - Rufous Fantails, Lewin's Honeyeaters, Red-browed Treecreepers, etc, and one of my favourite bush birds the Eastern Yellow Robin.

 The charming nature of this bird makes it always a pleasure to come across. When a small colony approached through the trees, it was just a matter of sitting still with the camera ready.

Once one bird discovered me, others became more and more brave at approaching me for a better look - for me and the bird!

Now, I wonder can I get those Rufous Fantails to sit still long enough for the camera to grab focus.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Coally Smoke!

Finally back on line.

The move to Drouin is complete – sort of – and in the process a new broadband plan was required. Aussie Broadband have been terrific, Telstra not so. It took a week for some ‘technician’ to unwrap a bare wire from one terminal and then wrap it around mine! Anyway this will hopefully be the first of some blog entries that will become a little more regular again.

Shortly after the move, a fire which commenced in the Driffield region got into the Morwell brown coal open cut mine and has now been burning for 2 weeks and is likely to continue for quite some time.

This first pic was taken from Yallourn North and shows the Hazelwood Power Station in the background.

These next two shots show the extent of the fire in the mine and the proximity of the power station to the right and the township to the left.

All these pics were taken a couple of days back.
Back to Aussie Broadband for a moment - some days back I needed to pick up my new ADSL modem from their office when I was passing through Morwell, (still doing some trips up to Heyfield and back every few days).  Aussie Broadband is located in an ex SEC building inside the old SEC compound – probably 200metres from the open cut! I jokingly asked if the floor was getting hot. I think they’d heard that question frequently enough over the last 14 or so days.


PS: Thanks to all who wished us well for the move - appreciated.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

By Way Of Explanation

As many dear readers have no doubt noticed, this blog has been … ah, well … a bit inactive of late.

Apart from horrible weather conditions ensuring I spend many a long hour trying to keep grass alive on the golf course, Mrs Gouldiae and I are on the move.

We are moving from…

 … and moving to …

This is proving to be a bit of an upheaval, but it will put us closer to the kids and further from the golf course – both, I’ve come to accept as desirable outcomes.

We will be moving from ‘flat and dry’ …

… to rolling green hills, (for most of the year) …

From this…

… and this …

… to …

As we settle in and I sort out new ISPs, etc, I’m hopeful that normal service will resume ASAP. I intend to sleep for a month, wash the ute, read a novel and try and get fit again. Already I’m enjoying the Ficifolias in my new locale.