Sunday, December 1, 2013

Coring The Greens

We cored the greens at 'Royal & Ancient' Heyfield Golf Club last week. When I say ‘we’, Steve and his team from JMJ Turf Renovations did the actual work! (Click on the pictures for a larger view).

The members don’t particularly enjoy the coring process as it disrupts their golf – the course is closed for a day and afterwards the greens are difficult to putt on for around another week.

Tim operated the ‘corer’. This machine punches out cores or plugs of grass and soil to a depth of about 50 -60mm.

Steve then ‘sweeps’ up the cores and dumps them in small heaps. (Afterwards, we mix these cores with some sand and distribute them onto bare areas in the rough beside some of the fairways).

Once the cores were removed, John ran across them and spread a layer of fine sand. He was followed by Tom with the ‘Verti-drainer’, a machine that punches a fine hole 150-200mm deep into the sub soil, breaking up any compaction.

Over the next few days the top dressing sand is gently swept into the holes and the greens are watered. The mowing height is raised a few millimeters for the next few cuts. The coring process is to aid the aeration and draining of the greens. After coring the greens respond more quickly to fertilizing and the grass is generally healthier. They drain better too, (and can dry out much more quickly).

Thanks Steve, Tim, John and Tom – job well done.


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