Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Gluepot 2013 #6

An interesting feature of the infrastructure at Gluepot is that many of the old original farm dams have been filled in, or their collection drains have been blocked. The purpose of this action is to limit the pressure of grazing and feral animals on the property by removing the attraction of water. There are only two dams that hold water and these are fenced in to prevent the entry of kangaroos, goats, etc. The resultant healthy and diverse range of vegetation is clearly evident.

Southern Scrub-robin
This bird can be referred to as a shy species. If you select the right habitat or know of a likely area where the birds have been seen, it is not difficult to sight one, as they scurry along the ground to investigate the intruder. Once again the ‘sit quietly in one spot and wait’ strategy comes into its own.

Unlike probably all other robins, the Southern Scrub-robin is basically a ground dweller. It feeds on ants, spiders and other invertebrates in the leaf litter and builds a nest of fine twigs and bark on the ground.

The locality of where I recorded these shots was documented in the information centre. Acacia scrub was the dominant vegetation and at first glance the area was empty of any birds at all. Slowly though I began seeing darting shapes run/hop over the ground between bushes and that was the signal to unfold the chair and sit down for awhile.

I wasn’t quick enough to get a shot of a bird on the ground. Lots of empty frames or perhaps a tail feather exiting shot! Eventually though one individual flew up onto a bare branch, (to loudly declare his territory over me I suspect), and remained posed for a series of shots I was happy with.

Great fun.

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