Sunday, October 6, 2013

Suns and Beards

A couple of weeks back, the Wax-lip orchids appeared in their usual spot in the bush on the golf course. A few days ago they were still there but looking a little tired. Yesterday they were all gone. The Blue and Pink Finger Orchids have finished too. Spring is like that.

Fortunately Mother Nature, for a short while at least, comes up with some replacements. Yesterday I found these two …

Purple Beard Orchid
Spotted Sun Orchid
 I haven’t recorded Purple Beard Orchids on the golf course in the last few years. I reckon last year they might have been there but didn’t open. A few Spotted Sun Orchids did show in 2012 but this year they are fairly numerous and widely scattered.

With shrubs like Daphne Heath and Grey Everlasting covered in flower heads, the butterflies have begun appearing too …

Painted Lady
 The butterflies were not the only active invertebrates yesterday. While getting up close and personal with this Twining Fringe Lily, I managed to lie prone on a nest of Jumping Jack ants.

Twining Fringe Lily
 Perhaps the ant’s venom is not as powerful this early in the season, as today I’m not feeling itchy at all and I can recall of times past when a Jumping Jack sting would annoy me for a couple of days.



  1. Hiya Gouldiae,

    We're in full autumn here with winter on our heals. Love your photos.


  2. Beautiful photos Gouldiae. Re Jumping Jacks - all I can say is OUCH, they have a powerful bite/sting!

  3. Spring would not be spring without our beautiful bush orchids - well captured Gouldiae. Jack-jumpers are not to be messed with, they can kill if you happen to be allergic to them. Sadly some years ago a resident of our rural area died from a sting - anathylactic shock - a common cause of human deaths in the Australian bush where jack-jumpers are found.