Saturday, October 5, 2013

New Life Amongst the Water Ribbon

Yesterday I got a chance to briefly check out two of my favourite spots on the outskirts of Sale.

The Powder Magazine is surrounded by lagoons and the ‘waterhens’ are drawn to it in good numbers. I’m guessing there were several families of Dusky Moorhens all tending to some recently born chicks. I wasn’t able to get quite close enough but I watched for a fair while from the opposite bank. Common as muck, but very endearing. 

Just around the corner in Lake Guyatt, the not so common Freckled Ducks were still in residence. These birds seem to be very loyal to this location. I certainly haven’t seen them on any nearby water bodies but when they’re in the district I can always find them on Lake Guyatt.

Normally there is a large mudflat in this spot and the ducks, Pelicans, Ibis, etc will all rest on the mud island. With the water level so high the freckles were forced to adopt alternative roosting strategies.


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