Monday, October 28, 2013

Gluepot 2013 #2

Shy Heathwren
One particular morning I set off early on a walk I hadn’t done previously. My aim was to walk steadily for an hour or so and get into a bit of different habitat and explore what might be there. As it happened I’d chosen some country that had been burnt in the not too distant past.

Big horizon country
 I’d also noticed on the sightings board in the info centre that someone had recently ticked the elusive Scarlet-chested Parrot in this area – who knows?

It didn’t take long for the heat of the morning to cause me to stop for a breather and a drink. I moved off the track and into some scrub, found some shade and sat quietly for awhile. A small movement across a clearing caught my eye as a little brown bird, (yep, the very common ‘LBB’), briefly emerged at the base of some undergrowth.
 Gradually it moved closer and closer toward me, sometimes pausing for a glimpse of the interloper.

Suddenly an entire party of half a dozen Shy Heathwrens were jumping about in the low undergrowth beside me, so close I had to wind the camera lens in a bit to make sure the bird was entirely in the frame.

Not sure what's going on with the tail?
 Such are the moments that make the planning and the 1500km drive worthwhile. No SC Parrot but.  Just have to return again one day!


  1. Which walk was this? We tried some new walks on the western and far south eastern corners of the reserve this time too, no exciting bird sightings on either of them but well worth it anyway.

    We missed the SC parrot this year as well, though we saw what may have been one flying past at speed on the gypsum lunette walk and also maybe at lake Hattah.

  2. Often the wait and watch approach pays off. Enjoying your posts.

  3. Thanks Mim,
    Yep I'm getting better at being patient as I get older!
    G'day PB,
    Mallefowl Walk, very early in the morning. Sturt must have been interesting - Pratincoles, Bourke's Parrots, Zebra Finches et al - wonderful.