Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gluepot 2013 #1

Seven Heyfield Birdwatchers have just concluded a wonderful camp at Birdlife Australia’s Gluepot Reserve in South Australia. I think we all concur it was a particularly fruitful and interesting 4/5 days, (or 9/10 days in a couple of cases!).

Far from home!

Regent Parrot
On my way to South Australia I dropped in at Hattah Kulkyne National Park between Ouyen and Mildura for a couple of nights and one of the first non-Gippsland birds I ticked was the Regent Parrot. There are two populations of Regent Parrots - the eastern mob that seem to stick around the Murray-mallee country where the three states of SA, NSW and Vic meet, and the western mob that occupy the south west corner of WA.

At Hattah Kulkyne NP, the birds were nesting in some of the hollows of the large River Red Gums in the park. 

Regent Parrots are under threat due mainly to loss of habitat. One of their favourite feeding grounds is the mallee country of which we are clearing more and more each year for agricultural purposes.

There are recovery projects underway to try and arrest the decline of this species – Dept of the Environment and the SARegent Parrot Recovery Team.

At Gluepot a small group came in to one of the water trough/hides enabling me to get a close up look at this beautiful parrot.

Here’s hoping the recovery work is successful.

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  1. How wonderful to see Regents from the bird hide - lovely photo!