Saturday, September 28, 2013

McDonalds - Spring 2013

I’m hoping to get away to South Australia for my annual dose of desert birds and plants shortly and in the meantime I’m doing my best at visiting some of my local spots for spring wildflowers.

McDonalds is a small piece of private bush just down the road from home. It was impacted slightly by the bushfire earlier this year, but recovery is well underway. The tough old ironbarks with their extra thick coats were just about all unaffected, and the thinner barked stringys and boxes have sprung back with their epicormic shoots delivering new life.

Only about 10% of the block was burnt
New life -1
Even the patches of bare and blackened earth were showing signs of new hope. The resilience of the Australian bush is remarkable.

New life - 2
The dominant terrestrial orchids on the rest of the property were the White Finger Orchid and the Wax-lip Orchid. There were healthy colonies of both species scattered throughout.

White Finger c. catenata I think
Wax-lip Orchid - there are just two species in Victoria
Some of the White Finger Orchids had a flush of pink toning to give them added interest.

White Finger Orchid with pink flush for added beauty
Other flowers to catch my eye included Guinea Flower, Grey Everlasting, Daphne Heath, White Marianth, Pink Finger Orchids, Chocolate Lilies, Bulbine Lilies, Matted Bush Pea and Milkmaids.

The aromatic Daphne Heath
Pink Finger - small and delicate
The birds were present too but I was on a mission to tick the flowers and I didn’t even have the bins around my neck!


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