Sunday, September 8, 2013

Austral Indigo

Austral Indigo is one of my favourite bush plants. Its soft texture and delicate form provides a wonderful contrast to our often harsh bush landscape. Idigofera australis is fairly widespread across the country but is principally concentrated in the south-eastern states. Recently there were some nice shrubs in full flower in the deep gully beside a track off the Licola Rd north of Heyfield. 

The gully I refer to runs into the Macalister River.
Despite the recent wildfire activity in the area, this plant was making a stunning comeback. The pink/mauve flowers were catching my eye continually.

The beautiful pea flowers are great attractors for butterflies and other insects.

As I wallowed amongst the Austral Indigo, a small colony of Red-browed Finches was active nearby with plenty of courtship displays in progress. 

It’s all happening.


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