Sunday, August 4, 2013

Yellow-rumped Thornbill

G’day Readers,
Today’s little bird, the Yellow-rumped Thornbill, is our largest thornbill and is relatively widespread across the continent except for very northern climes. Generally it occupies open forest and grassland habitat where it feeds in small colonies on seeds mainly and usually on the ground or in the low shrubs.

As I was checking the robins this morning in the bush beside the 16th fairway on the golf course, a small group of yellow-rumps flew in and scoured the ground and low shrubs for some tucker. Oddly, I have never seen them out on the sides of the fairways where I might expect to come across them more often than inside the bushy area. There is a block of ‘unimproved’ pasture next door that I suspect they make use of quite frequently.

The Yellow-rumped Thornbill is a relatively secure species in this area and it is always a delight to see that splash of yellow as they dash up from the ground and head for the nearest cover when I surprise a feeding party.

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