Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Spring Has Begun

G’day Nature Lovers,
It’s nice to report that spring has started at the Heyfield Golf Course! Galahs, Rainbow and Musk Lorikeets have all been seen exiting/entering tree hollows – all three species in the one large box tree near the 5th green.

The female Scarlet Robin has not appeared for her morning talk for nearly a week now. The male turns up frequently so I’m still hoping she is nesting nearby.

The Greenhood orchids are still showing and the finger orchids are now beginning. The Blue Finger Orchid is first out as usual – the pinks and whites, Waxlips, etc are a few weeks away just yet.

Nodding Blue Lilies and Happy Wanderer are in flower too. Always seems to be the blues that pop up first around here!

Nicer times are approaching.


  1. Hooray!
    Lovely photos of some of my favorite plants.

  2. G'day Boobook,
    Yep, that time of year when our bush, (some say 'boring' bush - not me mind!), is transformed. Aint Nature grand?

  3. Nature sure can put on a show for us to enjoy. Beautiful photos.