Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mitchell River – Glenaladale – 28th August 2013

Don and I took advantage of one of the first spring-like days for this season and headed north-east to the Mitchell River at Glenaladale. The Mitchell emerges from the foothills at Glenaladale then meanders through the Lindenow and Bairnsdale district before emptying into Lake King at Paynesville. Don fished and I birded(?)!

Neither of us was particularly successful at our individual pursuits but the locality and the weather made up for any lack of a catch.
Mitchell River Glenaladale
I was keen to move quietly up into some of the rainforest-like gullies that feed the river at this point in an attempt to spot oh, I dunno, a Rufous Fantail, perhaps a Rose Robin? As I’ve bemoaned here in the past, there is a certain level of illogical reasoning in targeting a species before heading out to a locality where it IS CERTAIN this particular bird will reside. And of course, on the Rufous Fantail and Rose Robin front I lucked out.

I sat for some time on a moss covered rock and watched and listened for a bit – Lewin’s Honeyeaters, Brown Thornbills, Blue Wrens, Yellow-faced Honeyeaters, a distant Lyrebird, several Eastern Yellow Robins and some Eastern Spinebills were the main entertainment.
Eastern Yellow Robin

Eastern Spinebill
I scrambled back out to catch up with Don and as I emerged onto the track a flash of scarlet caught my eye. A young Scarlet Honeyeater zipped up to the top of just about the tallest tree in the vicinity.
Juvenile Scarlet Honeyeater
Eventually I tracked down the tree they were feeding in but the adults wouldn’t show themselves clearly. I just got fleeting glimpses.
Bird dissuader
Tim the local landholder was having some erosion control work done nearby and as the machinery chugged by I reckoned I could say goodbye to any birds in the vicinity for a bit. I wasn’t too disappointed with this eventuality however, as Tim was kind enough to share some of his local knowledge of promising fishing and birding spots in the district. Return trip coming up I reckon.


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