Saturday, August 10, 2013

Grey Shrike-thrush & Maroonhoods

G’day Blogworld,
On my morning constitutional walk and talk with the Scarlet Robins today, a Grey Shrike-thrush joined us. I usually ‘whistle up’ the robins with a dog-call like whistle as I approach their territory and this morning the thrush began answering with its classic one-note winter ‘ching’.

It is nice to have the Grey Shrike-thrush on the golf course. It is certainly a brilliant songster, (courtesy of Canberra Birds).

The Nodding Greenhoods have been showing now for a little while and this morning I came across a small colony of Maroonhoods too. They were in some long grass just out of reach of the roughs-mower so hopefully they will survive for the season.

Also just beginning are the White Marianth and the Austral Indigo. Many of the Golden Wattles have some strong blossoms and will be a picture when they show as a mass.

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