Saturday, August 3, 2013

Grey Butcherbird

The grass hasn’t started growing in earnest yet. In contrast to Gorge Gershwin’s immortal words, ‘WINTERTIME and the livin’ is easy’, all sorts of other projects are underway around the golf course. At present we have a contractor lopping some large trees near greens and tees – for safety reasons and for the health of the greens. It does hurt I assure you, but needs must, plus over the last 12 months 300 new trees and shrubs have got a good start, more than making up for the 5 that have to go.

Anyway, if a tree comes down debris must be tidied up and as soon as someone starts a chainsaw or lights a fire the Grey Butcherbirds appear on cue.

Great company but I’d better put the camera away and get back to it.

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  1. Thanks to modern technology I am continuing to enjoy your posts while traveling in northern Queensland. Sharp eyed birds normally don't miss a trick. We are in Ingham and took a drive up to Wallaman Falls yesterday, the highest falls in Australia. The drive takes you through many kilometres of sugar cane at all stage of production. We passed a paddock being cultivated for the next crop and following along behind the tractor were about 50 Cattle Egrets picking up food items and soaring above were 20 or so Black Kites looking to swoop in and beat an egret to a feed. Fires also attract a lot of birds looking to pick up hapless creatures flushed from shelter. Birds also pick over the ashes looking for cooked, or is that char grilled, food?