Monday, July 15, 2013

The Wattles Have Started

Our current bout of wintery weather in these parts hasn’t stopped some regulars from making their appearance … the wattles. We have something like five or more different species on the golf course and there will be some golden flowers on show for something like at least the next three months.

The first indigenous variety to show some flower this season has been the Hedge Wattles.

Alternative names are Kangaroo Thorn and the very appropriate Bugger Bush.

Paradoxically, (heh, heh), the shrubs in the pictures are loaded with blossom and yet the main stand of this species in another locality seem hardly to be in bud.

The first of the Golden Wattles amid the box bush is just starting up too. The side of the 16th fairway last year was a picture with this tree in flower.

I still can’t help pointing the camera at the robins when they check me out – here’s another one.

I shall endeavour to desist.


  1. I've been enjoying the Robins.

    You seem more connected with the goings on in the birding world than I am, on the way back from Port Macquarie with our new car we saw what we are absolutely convinced are Adelaide Rosellas in the park in the middle of town in Gundagi but Pizzey tells me they should not be any where near there, do you know anyone who could shed some light on this?

    Also, in Port Macquarie we had lunch on the river in the middle of town watching an osprey hover over the river catching fish while a few dolphins swam around, it's a REALLY nice place if you're ever up that way.

  2. G’day PB,
    Yes, the ‘Adelaide Rosella’ shouldn’t be up there really. The ‘Yellow Rosella’ might get across to there, I’m not sure. Perhaps your birds were aviary escapees - being seen in town is a bit of a clue. A lot of parrot interbreeding goes on in the aviculture game.
    Hope the troopy is working out.
    I think I might have spotted the male robin displaying this morning. Now I’m going to frustrate myself trying to find a nest!