Monday, July 22, 2013

Greenhoods at Stockdale

G’day Folks,
Yesterday I headed north-east a few kilometers and squeezed in a couple of hours chasing some winter orchids. I’ve been watching closely the mosquito and greenhood sites on the golf course but so far we only have some leaf. (About a month ago I did tick a Tiny Greenhood though).

At Stockdale the Nodding and Trim Greenhoods were relatively profuse. Inadvertently I parked the ute on top of a couple of plants!
Nodding Greenhood Orchid

Trim Greenhood

Whilst I was really trying to have a ‘plant day’, I couldn’t resist clicking an Eastern Yellow Robin that got just within camera range at one stage. I love seeing this little bird and just wish I could tick one on the golf course – they’re quite common in similar habitat very nearby.

Eastern Yellow Robin
 In May last year I stumbled on some Cobra Greenhoods in this locality and after some ‘bush bashing’ through some thick re-growth areas I found half a dozen plants still flowering.
Cobra Greenhood

Cobra Greenhood

Here and there up on the drier ridges a brilliant Common Correa flower would catch my eye. I managed to find a single flower low enough and behind a log out of the wind to get a shot.
Common Correa
My wish list for the day included the Helmet Orchid but I dipped out there. Still, it was very pleasant - now I just need to wait a few weeks for the suite of terrestrial winter orchids on the golf course to show.


  1. We're having hot temperatures and you're getting ready for winter. Yikes!

  2. G'day Dave,
    Yep, we 'upsidedowners' are shivering a bit, but nothing like what you will be in a couple of months!

  3. Nice Greenhoods, Gouldiae.
    I really like the Trim Greenhood - so neat and tidy.

  4. G,day Gouldae,

    Was that up of Beverley's Road. I saw some Green Hoods up there 2-3 weeks ago.


  5. Denis - great little orchid aren't they. Trims are nice when they appear in colonies.
    Ross - yep, same place. Did you catch up with the cobras?

  6. You always want what you don't have, don't you? We get reasonably regular visits from Yellow Robins and every time we see the red ones we think how great it would be if we had them around home.