Friday, July 26, 2013

A Follow Up on the Robins

G’day Everyone,
This entry is just a little follow up on the progress of the golf course Scarlet Robins.

They continue to say, “Good morning” each day as I walk to work. They sometimes will appear from nowhere then flit off somewhere else straight away and at other times they stick around for a chat. I’ve taken to scratching over the leaf litter in ‘our’ favourite location and they duck down to pounce on some miniscule morsel that I don’t see but they reckon will make part of their breakfast.
Female Scarlet Robin eyeing her breakfast

As you can see, the male’s left foot is still dangling but he seems to be coping quite well.
Male scarlet with damaged foot

I did a quick scout around the garden with the spotlight tonight – relatively mild for a change. Three ringtails, one glider and an owl, (frogmouth I think). The froggy took off before I could get a good look. I’ve just put up a pair of roosting boxes of a design supposedly to suit the Sugar Glider, so I’m a bit hopeful they’ll stick around.
Ringtail Possum


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