Saturday, June 1, 2013


I got the chance this morning of checking a block of bush just down the road from home. I was keen to discover if any of the Golden Grevillea plants that are in the area had survived the 'Aberfeldy Fire' that roared through the area on 18th January this year.

The Golden Grevillea is listed a rare plant for Victoria and is found only in some isolated sites.

The eucs are certainly in recovery mode, many of them clothed in their epicormic shoots for which they are so famous.

Lomandra and some other ground hugging plants too are beginning to appear.

I knew of at least 20 grevillea plants in this locality. In between the showers of rain this morning I was able to find two survivors. I also found at least 10 very burnt plants that I will try to keep an eye on to see if they have been resilient enough to make a comeback.

Here's two shots of the plant in happier times ...

Thankfully there is an adjoining block that has its own small colony of Golden Grevilleas and this spot was largely spared.

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  1. Good to see the recovery happening.

    I was particularly pleased to see the close-up image of the Grevillea since it got me to identify a G. aspera seen on Eyre Peninsula a year ago!