Sunday, May 12, 2013

Headache Bird

G'day Fellow Birdlovers,
We are hoping for a bit of a break in our dry spell here in much of Gippsland at the moment. Supposed to be something on the horizon – we’ll see. In the meantime watering of some recent tree plantings on the golf course has been something of a priority. Been watering the greens and tees too, but have basically switched off the fairways until next season.

While doing some trees between a couple of fairways yesterday, I was mentally recording some of the birds I was seeing and hearing – a favourite pastime of mine when the job gets a bit boring. A couple of Spotted Pardalotes were piping away constantly for a couple of hours. When the watering was finished I grabbed the camera.

So many people are surprised to see how beautiful this little bird is. Of course being so small and spending so much time in the canopy gleaning lerps etc from the leaves, they are often missed.

I must put some time in this year to try and find their nest tunnel. I’m certain they are nesting somewhere nearby and we have plenty of soft earth banks, etc that would make for easy digging – something else to do when the job becomes boring!

I don't find their constant piping call headache inducing at all. 

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