Monday, May 27, 2013

Golden Whistler

I spent a couple of hours in the nearby Heyfield Flora Reserve yesterday morning. This largely dry forest of Ironbark, box and stringy sometimes throws up a surprise but all was pretty quiet. A couple of seasons back, ‘parks’ did a burn in one part of the block and the colonizer species of wattles are now thick and tall.

I discovered a large number of circular scratchings in the leaf litter – typical evidence of the likely presence of Painted Button Quail. Deciding to explore the area in the faint hope of getting some sightings I began pushing through the young trees, getting closer and closer to ground level until eventually I was on my hands and knees – any quail would have been miles away I suspect.

A lone male Golden Whistler however seemed to be quite entertained by this overlarge wombat with binoculars and camera around its neck.

I’ll just have to try for the quail another day.

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