Saturday, May 4, 2013

Between The Fairways

G’day Blogworld,
In between some of the back fairways on the golf course there is some valuable, (to me, perhaps not so to many golfers), remnant bush/woodland. I’m trying to convince certain people the value of retaining these small areas as habitat. I’ve added some ‘habitat heaps’ to the ground which previously was bare, planted indigenous  trees and shrubs where there are gaps, erected some nest boxes of varying size, sprayed some weeds and grasses, etc. Slowly I’m achieving something and getting a few of the committee on-side.

A couple of days ago I saw my first Jacky Lizard here, and yesterday some small birds caught my eye as I rushed past on the motorbike. We don’t get too many little ‘bush birds’, mostly parrots, lorikeets, galahs and there is a couple of Kookaburra families, the occasional visit from some choughs, etc, oh and of course we have numerous resident Noisy Miners.

Nothing too outstanding, but I’m hoping the signs are good – the return of at least one pair of Scarlet Robins for about the third season now, and a small colony of Brown Thornbills. 

 Hope they like the place.


  1. I am reminded of my youth when I occasionally caddied at The Warren course in the UK. The membership rioted when the Committee wanted to cut down some trees (for reasons I can't recall). The members recognised that the excellent vegetation and other natural aspects of the place added to their enjoyment.

  2. I agree with the point of Martin's comment above. Vegetation adds to enjoyment.
    It also adds to the bird habitat, which further increases the beauty and enjoyment.

  3. G'day Martin and Denis,
    Yeah, it is a struggle at times but I think we are getting there. The attitude of wanting to mow grass from fenceline to fenceline is slowly disappearing. Even the AGU, (I think), advocates retaining as much indigenous wildlife habitat as possible when planning new courses or redesigning existing ones.

  4. I think there is a golf course in the Adelaide Hills that hands out bird lists to players which has become a bit of a draw card for them, maybe your work will put Hayfield golf course on the map too!

  5. Great idea PB, you've got me thinking now.