Tuesday, March 5, 2013

There's a Change In the Air

G'day Dear Followers,
There has been a distinct change in conditions of late. Some mornings on my first 'water change' around the golf course I'm wearing a jumper and a beanie. Autumn is that time of year here that you wear clothes in layers and gradually peel off a layer as the day progresses. It is not unusual to experience a temperature difference of more than 20 degrees in several hours.

Like many other places around the southern states, January and February have been two of the driest months for many a year - and we had such a great Spring. I put over 200 young tree and shrub seedlings in the ground in Spring - they leapt away - but heck, I'm busy now trying to keep them alive.

The cooler temperatures overnight have eased matters somewhat. Sometimes the greens in particular only need a heavy dew on them to help kick them along. It can be a dangerous time. Easy to fall into a false sense of security. I'm still checking the greens twice a day and adding water where and when necessary. Watering the fairways and tees continues a little more slowly - not quite as much pressure.

Sorry about all that work guff! I did get the camera out yesty ....



  1. Daily temperature ranges are interesting phenomena, and generally Australia isn't too extreme. I recall one day in Ottawa where the temperature was +10C at 1600 and by 0400 the next morning it had dropped to -30C. It had been a tad breezy also as the Arctic front causing this dropped Southwards!

    A February visitor to Adelaide from London, Ontario once commented that within 24 hours he had experienced -40C and +40C

  2. Good to see you are getting the bones going early in the morning you old blogster.