Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Jack Smith Lake

G'day Readers,
Yesterday I got to spend a few very pleasant hours with the BLEG mob again at JSLake. The day got off to a remarkable start with a Spotted Harrier and a Blue-winged Parrot being ticked almost straight away.
Spotted Harrier, JH

 Very distant Blue-winged Parrot, JH
 John H was there with his big lump of new glass - his field assistant, Pam, is just out of shot, waiting for John to finish so she can help him carry his camera to the next locality! (Does anyone detect a note of envy?)
JH at work - click to enlarge.
 53 species was the count just for the morning. Always great to have such an experienced collection of eyes and ears.
White-fronted Chat with a meal, JH
White-fronted Chat nestlings, JH
'Sharpies', click to enlarge.
Pink Eared Duck and Hoary-headed Grebes, click to enlarge.
Red-capped Plover, click to enlarge.
Beaut morning, thanks BLEG, but I got home just in time I think.


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