Thursday, March 28, 2013

A Little Solitude

G’day World,
After a day in Melbourne yesterday – amongst PEOPLE – I felt this morning I was due some solitude. I headed for the Heyfield Wetlands.

I spent a couple of very pleasant hours before the heat arrived, ticking many species of bush and wetland birds that never seem to grace me with their presence on the golf course – whistlers, thornbills, wrens, treecreepers, grebes, cormorants ….

Just in front of the information centre, a Purple Swamphen was catching some early sunshine under its wings.Don't think I've ever seen this bird do this before.

High in a tall euc a Great Egret was preening itself between keeping a close eye on me, despite my considerable distance from it.

Ducks and grebes out on the water must have had breakfast as all were either resting or bathing and rinsing their plumage. 

I always like to mosey through some of the reed beds and with the water level so low it was easy to get up close and personal to some of the inhabitants. I'd not come across a White-browed Scrubwren in here before. I was sure I was snapping a Little Grassbird at first.

An old tree stump just reaching the sunlight provided a great vantage point from which some of the  ubiquitous wrens would welcome the day - briefly!

Aaahhh, that feels better. Now I'd better rejoin the rat human race.

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