Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Delightful Damsel

G'day Readers, (if there are any left?),
It has been some time since I've managed to get the camera in hand. This season started brilliantly with some glorious spring rains, wildflowers bursting out everywhere, birds nesting ...(mowers revving!). It sure has changed. We haven't had more than a millimetre or two of rain in weeks. Troughs and fronts will appear on the radar then slip south or weaken and we end up getting little more than a heavy dew! Keeping the grass on the golf course green and alive has been occupying me nearly full time and more.

There was a flush of Damselflies around the home dam a day or two ago. Beautiful creatures despite their reputation of being winged assassins.

 I don't know my odonata very well at all - I think this is one of the 'ringtails'. Kept my mind from watering/mowing for five minutes while I struggled with matters like aperature priority, centre-weighted metering, macro program, etc, then it was back onto that motorbike around the fairways and down to the pump shed - again.


  1. Be careful what you wish for or you just might get the flooding rains that we got last week! Your camera settings must have been good to get a beaut photo like that.

  2. I wished for a drop recently and got 55mm in 30 minutes - this near Canberra not Cairns! I expect to finish collecting the gravel from our drive out of the Creek sometime soon.

    How did you end up with the fire? Hopefully it stayed away. We took a trip around the Shoalhaven last weekend and it seemed every 30 minutes we drove through yet another place that had burnt. Fortunately things seemed to be greening up again (55mm of rain helps with that).

    Of course, I agree with Mick that you had an excellent image of the damselfly.