Thursday, February 7, 2013

Brief Update

G'day Blogworld,
Thought a little update on the fire situation around here was due. There is still some activity to the north and west of us but most of it is taking place behind control lines. Our greatest threat will be from ember attack if strong westerly or northerly winds eventuate. Things are calm right now and the wind forecast is relatively benign – but, we ain’t going anywhere soon!

Here’s a shot of today's smoke plume from Black Range between Seaton and Glenmaggie …

We are trying to continue with life as normal - watering...watering...watering the golf course. Now and then I am alert enough to get the camera out, like this morning ...

Looks like I haven't cleaned the lens for a while? Not really, the Plague Soldier Beetles are, well, in plague.

The Soldier Beetles are pretty well harmless. They feed on nectar and pollen and soft bodied insects apparently. At the end of a hot day they cover the greens on the golf course seeking moisture and although they lay their eggs in the soil, their larvae only eat other soft bodied larvae it seems. My consultant tells me not to get too concerned about them - hope he's right!

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  1. Hope you get some rain soon to put the fire out, how long has it been burning now?