Sunday, January 6, 2013

Three Nocturnals

G’day Readers,
One of the consequences of trying to keep a golf course green during a heat wave is that often it is far more convenient to do much of the work at night. Apart from being extremely uncomfortable trying to work in 40+ degrees, any watering is quickly evaporated. A beaut side-effect of this is that sometimes I will come across a few nocturnal patrons on the course.

Friday night for example I spotted a Ringtail Possum and a Sugar Glider in the same tree. An errant sprinkler had saturated the lower trunk and branches of a tree beside a tee and the Possum and the Glider were taking the opportunity of a cooling drink after a stinking day. They were on adjoining branches for some time and I was hopeful of them getting together for a shot, but that didn’t happen.

Just at the end of my night’s effort, the headlights of the bike caught a glimpse of a grey shape on a low branch just near the pump shed. I turned the spot on to see a pair of Tawny Frogmouths looking down at me. By the time I got the camera into position, etc, they’d separated and moved higher. They flew about in the same patch of trees for a bit but I was too tired to wait for them to come down a little lower and my camera/flash struggled to get anything very sharp. Nice to see ‘em, but!


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