Monday, January 21, 2013

A Day Off Work

G'day World,
I managed to have a day off last Friday. We closed the golf course due to the colour of the sky ...

We got out of it pretty lightly just here. No flames anywhere near the house. Others in the district were not so lucky unfortunately.

A couple of times I had plucked up some courage to grab the camera but mostly I was fighting a sickening feeling in the stomach. It was wonderful to have son-in-law Nick beside me for much of the day.

At one point when it was obvious the paddocks a couple of km away were ablaze, the wondeful sound of 'chop-chop-chop ...' was heard - not a bird but the first of the observer helicopters appeared in the distance.

I'm not a Vietnam vet, so to me it is a wonderful sound. Then the big guns arrived and got to work ...


 They were going right over our heads as Nick and I stood on the roof. We could feel the water dripping from their snorkels.

John G out at Coongulla has sent me some pics of the approach of the beast to Glenmaggie.

 The map below was published by the CFA on Saturday at some time - I've lost track. The golf course, and home, is about halfway between the southern boundary of the fire and the township of Heyfield. You might be able to see a small green rectangle just below the fire limit line. At the time it was 46 000 hectares. A wind change swung the thing away from us late in the afternoon and it's gone back up into the hills above Glenmaggie and is now something like 60 000 hectares in size.


I've been a bit slow to get this report out. My ISP has a wireless tower at Seaton from which I get my signal. The tower has survived but they lost power in the middle of Friday. The signal was fine on battery power through-out most of Saturday but then the batteries failed. Aussie Broadband has only just now been able to get to the site this afternoon with a generator. Now I've got heaps of emails to attend to!


  1. Glad to see that you and your house are OK but it all looks far too close for comfort! I'll be interested to hear how the birds and wildlife have survived - if they have!

  2. G'day Gouldiae

    Very pleased to hear that all you personally lost was a signal.


  3. The firefighters both on the ground and in the air are doing a fantastic job, but it's still horrible to know that the situation can change instantly depending on the weather.

    Good luck to everyone.

  4. I was looking at the incident alert map on Friday, and thinking of you and Glen, so glad to know that you are okay. That is a very scary situation to be in - your photos give me goose-bumps! I would rather not experience those sort of skies ever again.
    kind regards to you both

  5. As with other Bloggers , I have been looking out for signs that you had not been burnt out.
    Good news, on that score. But your friends will not have been so lucky, nor the bush and animals.
    Best wishes to you and all down there.

  6. Hope all goes well today guys. Temp and wind are fine in Boolarra. Hope you have the change also.
    Believe me when I say we know what you are going through and our thoughts are with you.
    Keith and Lib