Monday, December 31, 2012

Whistling The Dog

 G'day Readers,

I took the opportunity of some bright light and no wind yesterday to try for some wetland landscapes near Sale for a small exercise I’m doing at present.

Lake Guyatt and the Sale Common are two favourite sites that I am drawn to when I want a wetland fix to contrast with my normal dry bush, (very DRY at present), habitat around home. Guyatt in particular is interesting – right on the edge of town, very popular with walkers, picnickers, dogs, etc – and still the birds come. The scene below is one from yesterday and amongst the ducks, Freckles mind you, there were Latham’s Snipe, Ibis, Gulls, Dotterels, etc.

While getting some shots at Guyatt, a young family pulled up for a picnic breakfast-lunch and the two older children began feeding the gulls. As the birds began to approach closer and closer, the children became frightened and Dad’s immediate response was, “Let’s frighten them away – shoo, shoo”. A game then began of enticing the gulls in with scraps then shooing them off as they got closer! I was biting my tongue.

I put some time in at the Sale Common next. This wetland has been inundated for quite a period lately and the walking tracks are only just drying out after several months of being submerged. Ducks, Darters, Cormorants, Coots, Egrets, Herons, etc, were all enjoying themselves and I was quite impressed with the list of bush birds I was seeing and hearing – Rufous Whistler, Sacred Kingfisher, Pallid Cuckoo, both Pardalotes, Crimson Rosella, Yellow-faced Honeyeater, etc.

Satisfied with the morning’s walk, I purchased a coffee and retired to the Powder Magazine and sat under the shade of some old Peppercorn trees. To my delight a pair of Shining Bronze Cuckoos began to call and display to one another. They were always in deep shade or behind some foliage but eventually got a couple of acceptable views of a bird I have certainly heard more often than seen.


Today's heading of course pertains to the call of the Shining Bronze Cuckoo.
See ya,


  1. Gosh, Gouldiae, that's such a great photo of the cuckoo --- enjoying the sun, I guess!

    And happy new year to you (a few hours early).

  2. G'day Bronwyn,
    So nice to hear from you. I've been keeping tabs on your shifting dramas - glad its you, not me.
    I think the Cuckoo was displaying. The partner bird was on an adjacent branch. I hoped there might have been congress but as usual, I couldn't wait long enough!

  3. Lovely post Gouldiae, great photos of the Cuckoo. Happy new year to you and Glen from us both

  4. Thanks Barbara and the same to you guys up there.