Thursday, December 20, 2012

Some of the Hazards of ...

... bird surveying!

G'day folks,
I spent this morning helping Martin and Duncan with a survey on a block of land at Marlay Point on Lake Wellington. Thought I might run you through a couple of the hazards involved when bird surveying.

As nearly every birder knows, when there is an interesting bird to look at closely, or a positive ID to be made, etc, the subject will nearly always be backlit....

Not a problem thinks I, I'll turn 180 degrees and head into the grassland with the sun behind me ...

Oops, think I might just head back out on to the track for a bit and stick with the others!

Not really hazards, hey? Especially when you are out with great company on a nice morning seeing some great birds ... hovering Kestrels, diving Terns, startled Qail, inquisitive Cisticolas, etc.

It was Martin's tern, [sic], to bring morning tea, so we had coffee and apple scrolls down where there were piles of birds er, birds on piles ...

PS: In case you are wondering -
Great Egret and White-faced Heron.
Tiger Snake.
Common Tern.


  1. Not a problem with the Tiger. It was facing away from you!

  2. Ah, er, not really. I came across it with its head pointing at me. I quietly circled around to get a slightly better shot. The head was concealed a bit.