Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Gluepot 2012 - A Selection

G'day Readers, (if there are any left),
Just to keep Blogger from shutting down my account through lack of activity I’ve gone back to a few birds we came across in Gluepot Reserve on our visit back in September.

The White-fronted Honeyeater was quite numerous as they can be apparently. They like the drier arid country and follow the flowering of the desert plants.

At one bird hide I caught up with what I call the Gluepot Grey Currawong. They are much bigger and darker race than our Gippsland birds and lack any white in the wings – hence their alternative common name of Black-winged Currawong.

As close friends might appreciate I have a passion for the ‘small bush birds’ – wrens, robins, thornbills, pards, etc. One species we are seeing less and less of around these parts is the Hooded Robin, so it was nice one day to stalk a small family for a half hour or so to get some nice views of the male and the female.


Probably the iconic parrot of Gluepot, the Mulga Parrot, would often surprise me as they flew up from the low shrubs on the ground just in front of me. Their camouflage is very effective. I managed a shot of a pair at one stage and the more subtle tones of the female are as attractive as that of the brighter male in my book.
That’s your lot for now.


  1. Well, I'm still reading - and enjoying - although I don't often comment! I'd love to see those Mulga parrots.

  2. Always happy to read your posts. Less mowing (make the golfers work for their holes) more blogging!


  3. Still checking in regularly and enjoying your updates.

  4. G'day PB,
    How'd Danggali go?