Thursday, November 15, 2012

Xanthorrhoea minor and Heteronympha merope

G’day All,

We have nearly a dozen surviving Minor Grass Trees in the bush between the 14th and 15th fairways. I say ‘surviving’ because quite a number have been ‘mown’ into submission by the boys on the roughs mowers. It is only after heaps of whingeing that they have stopped cutting so deep into the bush. Now if your ball goes in there, the saying is, “That’s where elephants go to die.” Fine by me!

Anyway, a few of the Minor Grass Trees have suddenly sent up their flower spikes and actually come in to bloom. We’ve had flower spikes before, but seldom any flowers. We’re having a great season.

I ventured in with the camera today and took some shots. While doing so, the variety of visitors to the nectar factories was remarkable, including a number of Common Brown Butterflies that were shouldering each other away for a position.



  1. It might help people improve their golf!

    Everything loves grass tree flowers. They're such a wonderful lure for all sorts of insects.

  2. You must have all of Victoria's butterflies! Here in WestVic we've seen few this year.